StarCraft 2 Category Rules & Guidelines

Discussions about the competitive multiplayer of StarCraft 2. If you have questions about getting better in SC2 feel free to ask them here. Likewise, if you want to impart some of your knowledge and wisdom on newer, less experienced players.

This category is specifically for Improvement discussion, meta discussions, advice and training feedback for StarCraft 2. The goal of this category is to help like-minded people learn, get better and help each other out.

Before sure to read the forum rules and community guidelines first

Below are some general guidelines & rules for posting in the StarCraft 2 Forum

Things not to do

  • No Balance Whining
  • Event & Stream Advertising is not allowed
  • Shame people’s advice because of their levels or ranking

Things to do

  • Share your experiences : Hit a new level? Let the community know and talk about how you got there.
  • Questions about shifts in the meta
  • Meta related discussion
  • Requests for replay analysis
  • Take advice from all levels.
  • Guides you’ve made or discovered