Forum Rules & Community Guidelines [Read First]

The ESChamp community strives to place that people can engage in discussion about the troubles they are having in improving in a competitive game. This is a place designed for those looking to up their game and engage in deeper meaningful discussions about the competitive mechanics of their games of choice.

This forum isn’t meant to replace other forums and communities but acts as supplement.

This Forum is new

This forum is new, and with that newness will come missteps and problems. We will endeavor to moderate while allowing our community to find it’s a voice. Strict in some areas and casual in others. As we grow this outlet we’ll continue to update and evolve these rules and guidelines to better provide better clarity.

First and foremost we serve the competitive community of a game, to us, that means working hard to ensure that community members get to be in a place they feel safe to voice their requests, thoughts, and opinion while contributing the overall flourishing of the community as a whole.

Are some tips on how that can be done.

Warnings, Deletion & Bans

This forum is the house of ESChamp and everyone here is a guest. We want all our guests to feel welcomed. But this is our home. There is an atmosphere we are going for and we will help guide our guests to keep in line with that atmosphere but at the same time we won’t hesitate to remove those who don’t respect the house.

Topic Titles

Topic titles need to be descriptive. This is both to benefit the original poster as well as others who are looking for info on similar topics. To keep things looking professional, thread titles should follow certain guidelines.

  • Topic Title should be descriptive and informative - Titles should say what they are about and what people should expect when looking inside " Zerg imba" is not a title but a random opinion.

  • Titles should be concise- Topic Titles should not be overly long. They should speak to the point the topic is trying to make.

  • Follow specific category guidelines - Each topic will list their individual guidelines and posting structure for titles if it’s applicable. Follow the format to ensure your post makes it.

Responding to spam

Please do not respond to spam threads or posts as that only serves to draw more attention to the spam. Instead, use the report bad post feature to alert the staff to the spam.

Respect The Community

  • Jokes at the expense of someone’s race, gender, or sexual orientation are not acceptable


  • Post your topics in the appropriate category.

  • Use spoilers where appropriate, no one likes a spoilerino

  • Resist the urge to create or fuel drama. This is either personal or political. This forum is not the place to fight the good fight against the axis of evils of the world. There are many other places on the internet for that.

  • Use the before making a new topic to make sure there isn’t already a topic on the thing you’re thinking about.

  • Memes, have a place in the culture but don’t contribute to meaningful discussion. There are other places on the internet bring those memes.

  • Gif usage should not be excessive in any one post. etiquette rules apply to gifs aswell

  • Don’t post NSFW content. This is a PG-13 community.

Have Fun

These rules and guidelines are set up so that members of our community can get value out of being here. But overall we want you to enjoy your stay.